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    01.AI Yi 模型商用授权申请(中文请下拉)


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    Yi Series Models Commercial License Agreement
    Release Date: November 23, 2023

    This "Yi Series Models Commercial License Agreement" is a legal agreement
    between the Licensee (as defined below) and Beijing Lingyiwanwu Information
    Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "01AI") for the Commercial
    Purposes of the Yi Series Models and the development of Derivatives. This Yi
    Series Models Commercial License Agreement is composed of the following terms
    and conditions and all documents attached to or referenced in this Agreement
    (collectively referred to as the "Agreement").

    1. Definitions

    Unless the terms of this Agreement or the context stipulate otherwise, the
    terms listed below shall have the following meanings:

    "Licensee" refers to an individual or legal entity exercising the rights
    granted by this Agreement to use the Yi Series Models and create Derivatives.

    “Model” refers to associated components (including checkpoints) developed based
    on machine learning, including learned weights and parameters (including the
    status of optimizer).

    "Yi Series Models" refer to models named as Yi in the "Registration Form of Yi
    Series Models for Commercial Purposes" that the Licensee has applied to use for
    Commercial Purposes.

    “Derivatives” refers to all modifications to the Yi Series Models, work based
    on the Yi Series Models, or any other models created or initialized by
    transferring the weights, parameters, activations, or output patterns of the Yi
    Series Models to other models to achieve similar performance, including but not
    limited to methods that require using intermediate data representations or
    generating synthetic data based on the Yi Series Models to train other models.

    "Commercial Purposes" refers to the use of the Yi Series Models, directly or
    indirectly, for the operation, promotion, revenue generation, or any other
    profit-making purposes for entities or individuals.

    "Third Party" refers to any individual, legal entities or non-legal
    organizations other than the Licensee and its authorized employees using the Yi
    Series Models.

    “Personal Information” refers to various information related to identified or
    identifiable natural persons recorded electronically or by other means,
    excluding information that has been anonymized. The processing of personal
    information includes collecting, storing, using, processing, transmitting,
    providing, disclosing, and deleting such information.

    "Data" refers to a collection of information and/or content extracted from the
    dataset used in conjunction with the model, including data used for training,
    pre-training, or evaluating the model in other ways.

    “Logo” refers to any trademark, service mark, trade name, domain name, website
    name, or other distinctive branding marks.

    2. License Content and Scope

    In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, 01AI hereby
    grants the Licensee a non-exclusive, global, non-transferable, and
    non-sub-licensable license during the validity period of the license (see
    Attachment 1, "Registration Form of Yi Series Models for Commercial Purposes")
    for the following purposes:

    2.1 The Licensee may use the Yi Series Models for the development of services
    or products for Commercial Purposes and to provide such services or products to

    2.2 The Licensee may develop Derivatives based on the Yi Series Models for
    Commercial Purposes.

    Please refer to the Registration Form of Yi Series Models for Commercial
    Purposes with respect to the specific scope of the license under this Agreement
    and information about the Yi Series Models (see Attachment 1).

    3. License Restrictions

    The following requirements apply to the development of services and products
    based on the Yi Series Models, as well as the development of Derivatives based
    on the Yi Series Models by the Licensee for Commercial Purposes in accordance
    with the license under Section 2 of this Agreement:

    3.1 The Licensee shall not dissemble the Yi Series Models by conducting,
    attempting to conduct, or facilitating others to conduct: reverse-engineering,
    decryption, decoding or other unauthorized actions.

    3.2 The services or products provided to others by the Licensee, which are
    developed using the Yi Series Models, must have substantial additional
    functionality beyond what is included in the Yi Series Models.

    3.3 The Licensee shall not develop competitive products or technologies with
    substantial similarity to the Yi Series Models by using the Yi Series Models,
    nor assist third parties in such activities.

    3.4 The Licensee shall not represent that the products or services developed
    using the Yi Series Models are sponsored or endorsed by 01AI.

    3.5 The Licensee shall be responsible for obtaining any additional licenses and
    permits required for the services and products developed using the Yi Series
    Models, including but not limited to manufacturing, entrusted manufacturing,
    sales, import, and other permits.

    3.6 The Licensee shall not share training datasets, training results, or
    content collected from China, including but not limited to Personal
    Information, road data, geospatial data, national secrets, or any Data related
    to national security in any form with 01AI.

    3.7 The Licensee represents that the services, products, and Derivatives
    developed based on the Yi Series Models under this Agreement shall not be used
    for military purposes.

    3.8 The Licensee must indicate the modifications made in the Derivatives
    developed under this authorization and attribute the source of the model to
    01AI in a prominent and clear way.

    3.9 01AI prohibits the Licensee from using the Yi Series Models or developing
    Derivatives for the following purposes or in the following ways:

    3.9.1 Violating the laws and regulations, social morality, and ethical
    standards of any applicable country or region. This includes but is not limited
    to using the Yi Series Models for purposes prohibited by laws and regulations,
    such as endangering national security, promoting terrorism, extremism, inciting
    hatred, discrimination, violence, pornography, and spreading false and harmful

    3.9.2 Infringing upon the legitimate rights of any individual or organization,
    including but not limited to personal rights such as the right to likeness,
    reputation, and privacy, as well as intellectual property rights such as
    copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and other property rights.

    4. Artificial Intelligence Ethics

    4.1 01AI is committed to achieving trust and transparency in artificial
    intelligence development. 01AI encourages Licensees to adhere to the following
    principles when using the Yi Series Models to develop and deploy AI products:

    4.1.1 The Licensee is encouraged to ensure that the development, use, and
    products or services developed and deployed based on the Yi Series Models meet
    ethical requirements relevant to the industry or use case, and the Licensee has
    taken reasonable measures to mitigate bias and inform users of the limitations
    of the product or service.

    4.1.2 The Licensee is encouraged take appropriate measures to mitigate the
    risks to vulnerable groups when developing and deploying products or services.

    4.1.3 The Licensee is encouraged to inform stakeholders about the features and
    limitations of their products or services, including the use of artificial
    intelligence models and technology.

    5. Termination of the Agreement

    5.1 Automatic Termination of the License. The Licensee's license will
    automatically terminate on the date of the termination of the applicable
    license or this Agreement, without prior notice from 01AI.

    5.2 Termination of Agreement by Notice. In the following circumstances, 01AI
    may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing written notice:

    5.2.1 If the Licensee's use of the Yi Series Models or the development of
    Derivatives violates the terms of this Agreement, infringes upon the rights of
    others, or violates applicable laws and regulations.

    5.2.2 If the Licensee initiates or participates in any legal action against
    01AI related to the Yi Series Models or Derivatives.

    5.2.3 Based on 01AI's reasonable judgment, to comply with the requirements of
    applicable laws and regulations.

    5.3 Consequences of Termination. Upon expiration or termination of the
    Agreement or the license, the Licensee agrees to immediately cease using the
    affected Yi Series Models and Derivatives and destroy all copies within the
    Licensee's possession or control (including any licenses in use by authorized
    users). Upon written request, the Licensee shall provide written evidence of
    compliance with the Licensee's commitments under this section. If the Agreement
    terminates, sections 7, "Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability," and section
    8, "Dispute Resolution," shall remain in effect after the termination of the

    6. Intellectual Property

    6.1 The ownership of the Yi Series Models and their related intellectual
    property rights is solely held by 01AI.

    6.2 Subject to 01AI's retained rights over the Yi Series Models, the Licensee
    owns the ownership and related intellectual property rights of the services and
    products developed and deployed within the scope of the license granted under
    this Agreement.

    6.3 Within the scope of the license, the Licensee owns the intellectual
    property rights of the Derivatives obtained based on the Yi Series Models.

    6.4 In any circumstance, without the prior written consent of 01AI, the
    Licensee is not allowed to use any Logo associated with 01AI (including but not
    limited to trademarks, service marks, trade names, domain names, website names,
    or other distinctive branding marks). If the Licensee's unauthorized use of
    01AI's Logos under this Agreement causes losses to 01AI or others, the Licensee
    shall bear full legal responsibilities.

    7. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

    7.1 The Yi Series Models are provided "AS IS." To the maximum extent permitted
    by applicable laws and regulations, 01AI makes no express or implied
    warranties, including but not limited to the stability, ownership,
    merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose of the
    models and their output results. The model parameters in the models are only
    examples, and if the Licensee requires models that meet other requirements,
    they must train their own models and comply with the licensing agreements for
    the relevant datasets. The Licensee shall be solely responsible for the risks
    and consequences arising from the use of the Yi Series Models and the creation
    of Derivatives.

    7.2 01AI complies with laws and regulations at all stages of model training,
    maintaining the legality, authenticity, accuracy, objectivity, and diversity
    of data and algorithms. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws and

    7.2.1 01AI shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental
    consequences, losses, or damages, or any other losses or damages resulting from
    or related to the Licensee's use of the Yi Series Models under this Agreement
    and the creation of Derivatives.

    7.2.2 01AI shall not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to
    the cost of procuring substitute goods, loss of profits, loss of income, loss
    of use, loss of data, or loss of goodwill, resulting from the use or
    performance of this Agreement or the Yi Series Models, whether based on
    contract breach, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or other
    reasons, even if 01AI has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

    7.2.3 The Licensee agrees to hold 01AI and its affiliated companies, as well as
    their respective employees, contractors, agents, and directors, harmless from
    any claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs, debts, fines,
    compensation, and expenses related to the Licensee's use of the Yi Series
    Models for the development or deployment of products or services (including
    results or data generated from such use).

    7.3 If 01AI suffers losses due to the Licensee's use of the Yi Series Models or
    the creation of Derivatives, 01AI has the right to seek compensation from the
    Licensee. For any claims by Third Parties against 01AI arising from the
    Licensee's use of the Yi Series Models or the creation of Derivatives, 01AI has
    the right to require the Licensee to defend, compensate, and indemnify 01AI and
    protect 01AI from harm.

    7.4 The Licensee fully understands and agrees that 01AI has the right to take
    appropriate legal action against any violations of applicable laws and
    regulations or the provisions of this Agreement and to report relevant
    information to the relevant authorities according to its reasonable judgment.
    The Licensee shall bear all legal responsibilities resulting from such actions.

    8. Dispute Resolution

    8.1 The stipulation, effectiveness, interpretation, performance, modification,
    and termination of the Agreement, the use of the Yi Series Models and
    Derivatives, and dispute resolution shall be governed by the laws of the
    People's Republic of China (for the purposes of this Agreement only, excluding
    Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), and the application of conflict of laws is

    8.2 Any disputes arising from the use, copy or distribution of the Yi Series
    Models should first be resolved through amicable negotiations. If negotiations
    fail, legal proceedings should be initiated in the People's Court at the
    location of 01AI.

    9. Other

    9.1 Assignment. 01AI may, by any means, assign, delegate, or transfer its
    rights or obligations under this Agreement. The Licensee agrees that it will
    not transfer or assign this Agreement or its rights and obligations under this
    Agreement by any means or legal process without 01AI's permission. Any
    attempted transfer without the written consent of 01AI shall be null and void
    with no effect.

    9.2 Independent Development. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to
    limit either party from independently developing, offering, or acquiring
    materials, services, products, or technology similar to the subject matter of
    this Agreement, provided that such party does not violate their obligations
    under this Agreement while doing so.

    9.3 Notices. If 01AI needs to contact the Licensee regarding the use of the Yi
    Series Models, the Licensee agrees to receive electronic notifications. The
    Licensee is responsible for ensuring that their email address for receiving
    notifications is kept up to date. Both parties agree that email notifications
    shall satisfy any legal communication requirements, and email notifications
    shall be deemed received when sent via email. If the Licensee needs to send
    written notifications, they may send them to the following email address:

    9.4 Severability. If any provision or provisions of this Agreement is/are
    determined to be invalid, unenforceable, or unenforceable, the remaining
    provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force, and the parties shall
    interpret and negotiate the invalid, unenforceable, or unenforceable
    provision(s) as closely as possible to the original intent and manner of
    execution, with the parties acting in good faith.

    9.5 Brand Exposure. The Licensee is encouraged to publish at least one
    technology introduction blog post or one public statement expressing the
    experience of using Yi Series Models and mark the products or services
    developed by using the Yi Series Models to indicate that the product/service
    is “Powered by Yi Series Models”.

    9.6 Agreement Updates. 01AI reserves the right to periodically update this
    Agreement and the "Registration Form of Yi Series Models for Commercial
    Purposes." After updates to the Agreement and the " Registration Form of Yi
    Series Models for Commercial Purposes," 01AI will notify the Licensee via
    email. The rights pertaining to the license (including the rights to extend
    the license) already granted to the Licensee under this Agreement will not
    be affected by the updates of the Agreement or the "Registration Form of Yi
    Series Models for Commercial Purposes."

    9.7 Interpretation. Within the scope permitted by laws and regulations, 01AI
    has the ultimate interpretation right of the terms of this Agreement.

    Attachment 1: Registration Form of Yi Series Models for Commercial Purposes

    This "Registration Form of Yi Series Models for Commercial Purposes"
    (hereinafter referred to as the "Registration Form") is a part of the "Yi
    Series Models Commercial License Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the
    "Agreement"). Terminology not defined in this Registration Form shall have the
    same meaning as defined in the Agreement.

    (1) Licensee Name: (Name of the company or organization)

    (2) Licensee Contact Information:
    - Contact Person Name: (Person representing the corporation or organization in
    this application)
    - Email: (To avoid affecting authorization, please use a corporate or
    organizational email)
    - Phone Number:
    - Country/Region and City:

    (3) Type of the Yi Series Model Applied for:

    (4) Specific Commercial Purposes: (Please briefly describe the industry and
    usage. There is no need to reveal confidential information.)

    (5) License Validity Period:


    The license granted to the Licensee for Commercial Purposes of the Yi
    Series Models shall commence from the date when the Licensee successfully
    sent the Registration Form, which has been completed based on the
    requirements, to the email address: yi@01.ai and the license remain valid
    permanently. However, the license is subject to the Licensee's compliance
    with the requirements and restrictions set forth in the Agreement.


    Further, the Licensee needs to send a written notice to 01AI’s email:
    yi@01.ai every two years after the date when the Licensee first sent the
    Registration Form, informing 01AI the intention of the Licensee to
    continue the license. If the Licensee fails to send the written notice,
    the permanent license for Commercial Purposes granted to the Licensee will
    be terminated automatically.



    1 定义











    2 许可内容及范围


    2.1 被授权人可使用Yi系列模型出于商业用途开发服务或产品以及向他人提供服务或产品。

    2.2 被授权人可出于商业用途基于Yi系列模型开发模型衍生品。


    3 许可限制


    3.1 被授权人不得进行、尝试进行或促使他人进行对Yi系列模型的逆向工程、解密、破解,

    3.2 被授权人使用Yi系列模型开发的向他人提供的服务或产品必须具有超出Yi系列模型所包

    3.3 被授权人不得使用Yi系列模型开发与Yi系列模型具有实质性类似功能的竞争性产品或技

    3.4 被授权人不得表示使用Yi系列模型开发的产品或服务是由零一万物赞助或认可的。

    3.5 被授权人将负责其使用Yi系列模型开发的服务及产品所需的额外许可及证照,包括但不

    3.6 被授权人不得以任何形式与零一万物分享从中国收集的训练数据集、训练结果或内容,

    3.7 被授权人承诺根据本协议基于Yi系列模型开发的服务与产品及模型衍生品不作军事用途。

    3.8 被授权人根据授权开发的模型衍生品中必须以显著、明确的方式说明修改的内容并且说

    3.9 零一万物禁止被授权人出于以下目的或基于以下方式使用Yi系列模型或开发模型衍生品:

    3.9.1 违反任何适用国家或地区的法律法规、社会公德和伦理道德。包括但不限于将Yi

    3.9.2 侵犯任何个人及组织的合法权益,包括但不限于他人肖像权、名誉权、隐私权等人

    4 人工智能伦理

    4.1 零一万物致力于在人工智能开发中实现信任和透明度。零一万物鼓励被授权人使用Yi

    4.1.1 被授权人确保其对Yi系列模型的开发、使用,以及基于Yi系列模型开发及部署的

    4.1.2 被授权人确保在开发及部署产品或服务时采取适当的措施以减轻伤害弱势群体的风

    4.1.3 被授权人应向利益相关者告知有关被授权人产品或服务的功能和限制的信息,包括

    5 协议的终止

    5.1 自动许可终止。被授权人的许可将在适用许可或协议终止之日起自动终止,无需零一

    5.2 协议提前终止。在以下情况下,零一万物可随时提前书面通知被授权人终止本协议:

    5.2.1 如果被授权人对Yi系列模型的使用或模型衍生品的开发违反本协议条款、侵犯他人

    5.2.2 如果被授权人就Yi系列模型或模型衍生品对零一万物提起或参与任何法律诉讼;或

    5.2.3 根据零一万物的合理判断,出于遵守适用法律法规的要求。

    5.3 终止后果。一旦协议或许可有效期到期或终止,被授权人同意立即停止使用受影响的

    6 知识产权

    6.1 Yi系列模型的所有权及其相关知识产权,由零一万物单独所有。

    6.2 在零一万物对Yi系列模型保留权利的前提下,被授权人对其根据本协议许可范围内的

    6.3 在许可范围内,被授权人拥有基于Yi系列模型得到模型衍生品的知识产权。

    6.4 在任何情况下,未经零一万物事先书面同意,被授权人不得以任何方式使用零一万物

    7 免责声明及责任限制

    7.1 Yi系列模型按“原样”提供。在适用法律法规允许的最大范围内,零一万物不对Yi系列

    7.2 零一万物在模型训练的所有阶段都遵守法律法规,坚持维护数据和算法的合法、真实、

    7.2.1 零一万物不对被授权人根据本协议使用Yi系列模型,以及创建模型衍生品而产生或

    7.2.2 零一万物将不对因本协议或Yi系列模型的使用或性能而引起的,无论是基于合同违

    7.2.3 被授权人同意使零一万物及其关联公司以及它们各自的雇员、承包商、代理、和董

    7.3 若由于被授权人对Yi系列模型的使用或者创建模型衍生品而导致零一万物遭受损失,

    7.4 被授权人充分理解并同意,零一万物有权依合理判断对违反适用法律法规或本协议规定

    8 争议解决

    8.1 本协议的订立、效力、解释、履行、修改和终止,使用Yi系列模型及模型衍生品以及争

    8.2 因使用Yi系列模型及模型衍生品而发生的任何争议,各方应首先通过友好协商的方式加

    9 其他

    9.1 转让。零一万物可能通过任何方式分配、委派或转让其在协议项下的权利或义务。被授

    9.2 独立开发。协议中的任何内容都不会被解释为限制任何一方独立开发、提供或获取与协

    9.3 通知。如果零一万物需要就Yi系列模型的使用联系被授权人,被授权人同意接收电子通

    9.4 可分性。如果本协议任何一项或多项条款被认定为无效、无约束力或不可强制执行,则

    9.5 品牌曝光。零一万物鼓励被授权人发布至少一篇技术介绍博文或公关稿描述使用Yi系列

    9.6 协议更新。零一万物有权对本协议及《Yi系列模型商用登记表》进行不时更新。协议及

    9.7 解释权。零一万物在法律法规许可的范围内对协议条款享有最终解释权。

    附件一 Yi系列模型商用登记表


    (1) 被授权人名称:(企业或单位名称)

    (2) 被授权人联系方式:
    - 联系人名称:(代表企业或单位提出申请的人)
    - 电子邮箱:(为了避免影响获得授权,请使用企业或单位邮箱)
    - 电话号码:
    - 所在国家/地区及城市:

    (3) 申请的Yi系列模型类型:

    (4) 具体商业用途:(请简要说明行业和使用方式,无需涉及商业机密)

    (5) 许可有效期:

    送至 yi@01.ai 邮箱之日起永久有效。但以被授权人遵守协议相关的要求和限制为前提。

       另外,被授权人自首次发送登记表之日起后每两(2)年需要向零一万物 yi@01.ai 邮箱